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Clash of Clans World Championship 2020

clash of clans championship 2020

Clash of Clans World Championship 2020

Welcome to the world of Supercell strategy games. We are entering the era of big Clash of Clans accounts and we follow the story of Clash Royale accounts every day. But perhaps the game of Clash of Clans is less considered because of its complexity. In today's article on the Clash Market website, we will examine the Clash of Clans World Championship section to get better acquainted with the new features of the Clash of Clans game. I have selected this article from the Clash of Clans site, which is also very interesting and remarkable for me, how did these people reach this level of ability in the game?! But this can have an effect on the selection of Clash of Clans accounts for sale. To buy Clash of Clans accounts cheaply and safely, you can have a brief look at the store section and compare COC accounts. Other articles in the blog section of the website can help you choose the best Clash of Clans account. Do not underestimate yourself.


Meet the Wildcard teams!

Hey Chief!

The Clash of Clans World Championship Finals are quickly approaching! Now we need You to help us create the most epic Clan War tournament the world has ever seen. Over the course of 2020, 6 Clans have warred their way through the monthly Clan War League and ESL Play Qualifiers to earn their Golden Ticket. Each Golden Ticket guarantees them a spot in the Finals and a chance to battle for $1,000,000 prize pool! Now it's up to you to decide which Clans will grab the final 2 spots through the Community vote.


Let your voice be heard!

Although we've gathered the best Clans from around the world to compete in each monthly Qualifier, only a select few have performed at the highest level to be considered a wildcard candidate. When we open up the voting, we want you to decide which Clans will fill the remaining 2 spots at the Finals and represent the Clash Community's voice.


Everyone will be able to cast TWO votes for the team they feel should earn the final 2 spots to compete in the 2020 World Championship Finals. But choose carefully as once your votes are cast, they cannot be changed.


Let’s meet the 8 Wildcard teams!

Team eleVen Original has been a frequent presence in the Clash Championship Qualifiers. They were able to progress as far as the semifinals during Qualifiers #2 and #3!

H. T Family made quite a showing when they brought their Electro Dragon attack meta and absolutely wrecked their enemy’s bases during their Qualifier. Not only did this team show the world new ways to use everyone’s favorite big blue Dragon, they lost during the Finals of Qualifier #3 in one of the most intense matches ever seen!

A well-known, beloved Clan in their home country, Indian Clashers, are a recognized team who have won many Indian community competitions. Their presence at the Qualifiers has been greatly anticipated, their dreams of being at the Finals are widely known over social media, and they plan on coming on stronger than ever before. Though they played in the #4 Qualifiers, their strong showing was able to get them to the finals but didn’t allow them to take home the win.

INTZ is no stranger to the Qualifiers, having competed in the 2019 World Championship as well as appearing in multiple Qualifiers throughout 2020, making them one of the most consistent Clans of the season. Known for incredible bases they design themselves, as well as balanced attacks, this 2019 Finalist made it to the semi finals of Qualifier #1 and lost against QueeN Walkers in the epic final of Qualifier #6.

The Vice World Champions from 2019, MCES made an extraordinary journey in 2019 season. Although they were able to qualify for the 6th Qualifier, their semifinal match resulted in giving INTZ the win instead.

If one word could be used to describe team M.K.M.A. we’d say “unorthodox”. Their unique usage of various Spells like using Skeleton Spell to distract enemy defenses got them as far as the semifinals at Qualifiers #5 & #6. Perhaps their creativity and outside-the-box style of play can turn the tide in a battle at the World Finals?

The World Championship Winners of 2019, Nova Esports has been a powerhouse Clan in the 2020 Season. Through their perseverance and sheer dedication to Clash, they have the highest attendance at the Qualifiers this season. Just check out this impressive list!


#2 Qualifier Finalist

#3 Qualifier Semifinalist

#4 Qualifier

#5 Qualifier

#6 Qualifier

Possibly one of the most well-known teams in mobile esports, Tribe Gaming’s prowess for strategic attacks is understated as they’ve competed at 3 different Qualifiers, reaching the finals at Qualifier #5 where they lost by 1% overall destruction. Furthermore, it was their surprise master strategy of Super Witches at Qualifier #5 that shook the Clash meta during its debut.



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