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About us


Use the experience of others. We have the highest score on the trust poilt site

All customers were completely satisfied with the deal with us and we were with them throughout the purchase and delivery process

Our team is online at all hours of the day and all days of the week and you will never have a question without an answer or a problem without being solved.

So you can easily trust us and enjoy shopping and playing

How is the account delivered and how long does it take?

You can enter the village and play with both Android and iOS

Login information will be sent less than 12 hours after your purchase, and even more often much faster than this time

What is the guarantee and security of the accounts?

All the accounts of the site are at the disposal of the website and you buy directly from us and this is very good that I will explain to you.

1.All accounts are available for sale and you get exactly what you buy

2.Speed at the time of delivery. You no longer need to wait for the seller or a third party and he may respond late and the information is in our hands and we will send quick it to you after a purchase.

3.And every account you buy from the site is accepted, and it is our constant guarantee, and this relieves your mind. As you can see, no one can sell his account on the site, and all accounts are for us.

Do we need to change the password after purchase?

No, it is not necessary at all, because we did all the security work before we delivered the account to you, and you may make a mistake and Gmail will be locked, and this is not guaranteed.

The fastest way to communicate with us

If you send a message in WhatsApp or the chat section of the site, which has an icon on the right and left of the website, we will respond to you in less than 10 minutes.

We are on all social networks and you can connect with us

To contact : Live Chat