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What is Clan Castle?

What is Clan Castle?

What is Clan Castle?

What are clan castle guards and sleep?

Depending on the conditions of the game, each player can change the defensive position of the defenders of the Clan Castle and change them to guard mode (defense of the forces stationed inside) or sleep mode. At Sleep mode is not defended by forces stationed inside.

How to get clan castle?

First, you have to rebuild Clan Castle! Usually in every village You will find an old and abandoned castle. After clicking on it, select "Rebuild". Rebuilding the castle costs 10,000 gold. To keep this amount of gold, you must be level 3 Town Hall.
Try to place Clan Castle somewhere close to the center of your village to cover the forces inside your village. Keep in mind, too, that when an enemy force does not have a target of interest and becomes aware of the presence of defense forces inside Clan, it will first attack the forces inside the castle. This attack even causes them to destroy the walls to reach the forces inside Clan. This structure has a very high level of strength and after Town Hall, it is in the second rank of play structures. This makes Clan a good structure to shield against invading forces so that defensive structures have a good chance of destroying them.
The troops in Clan Castle, who are responsible for defending the village, will return to Clan in perfect health and can be reused if they survive. This is not the case with the Clan Fortress forces that you use to attack, and even if they survive, they will not be reusable. If you are attacked by the air force, only the forces that can attack the air targets will come out of Clan and defend. The other forces remain in Clan until the ground forces attack you.

Clan castle reinforcements

In each Clan Castle, there are reinforcements, spells, and siege machines that can be used to aid in attacks. Try to place the clan's castle somewhere near the center of the village so that the forces inside respond quickly to the attacks from any direction. It also makes the clan fort difficult to set up and allows reinforcing forces to maximize damage to the invading forces.

Clan castle troops

The location of the forces that your teammates give you is called Clan Castle. You can store booty gained in this castle.
 In general, you need a Clan Castle to establish Clan. The forces located in this fort can help you in attack and defense.
 You need ten thousand gold coins to renovate Clan Castle. It does not take time to build and as soon as you pay for its renovation, Clan Castle will be repaired. Once you have repaired the castle, you can establish your clan. You can even replace it. You can also apply for power after entering Clan. If you use a diamond, you can accelerate the force.
Following the update (April 9, 2014), Clan Castle is also responsible for maintaining the spoils of war. As the level of Clan Castle increases, so does the amount of storage.
To spend these resources, you must transfer them from Clan Castle to your reserves. Another point is that the enemies can attack the castle of Clan, stealing part of the resources stored in it, by attacking you.
 Note that the forces of Clan Castle are very important in the higher leagues. When the enemy enters the area of  Clan Castle, any force donated by your teammates will leave Clan to attack the enemy. When you click on Clan, you can see its activation range. If the castle of Clan is destroyed during the defense, the forces that are in it will not be able to get out of it until the castle is repaired.

Important points about Clan Castle

Archers are a good force to use in Clan Castle because they occupy only one unit of space and can also attack air targets. It is necessary to pull the forces of Clan to a corner and destroy them during the attack. Players can do this by sending a force around Clan. This means that you do not have to fight the forces inside Clan when destroying the game structures. You can also find out about the type of forces inside the Clan so that you do not encounter destructive balloons when attacking the enemy with an army of barbarians. If you cannot access the Clan area, you can use hog riders as they can cross walls. Now you can destroy the forces inside the castle with one or two lightning spells, or drag them to a corner with your other forces and destroy them.

As soon as the forces inside Clan Castle leave the castle, they will not return to it and will look for the invading forces. For this reason, you can use one or two forces to drag them to a corner of the map and destroy their defensive structures away from the fire.
One good way to eliminate strong forces (level 5 or 6) is to drag them to a corner of the map and surround them with archers. Game heroes can also be killed with this tactic, although they are more difficult to destroy unlike the forces inside Clan, the heroes do not go beyond a certain range.

Level differences 

When weaker forces emerge from inside Clan Castle, use a lightning spell to destroy them, and since lightning spells only affect the defending forces, you can use this spell without worrying that your forces will be harmed. Another way to eliminate an army of weak forces inside Clan is to use the Wizards, who can destroy a large number of first-line forces (Berbers, Archers, and Goblins) with a single shot and the damage they inflict. Always remember to empty the enemy's clan because if you do not do this and send all your forces into the enemy's territory, your attack may fail.Also keep in mind that if a clan does not have a badge, it does not mean that there is no force inside.
When Clan is repaired, it will undergo significant visual changes. When you first see Clan, it is a dilapidated building that appears to have been damaged by an explosion.

Upgrade Clan Castle

When you upgrade Clan Castle to level one, the structure takes on the shape of a square stone building with a window, two gray doors, and a wooden roof.
In the second level, a battle wall is added to the wooden roof of the castle, which is not unlike the level of the eight town halls. At this level, another window is added to Clan. On the third level, all four corners of the castle have a wooden base, and guardrails are added to the battle wall above the roof. On the fourth level, wooden pedestals are replaced by stone pedestals. The wooden roof of the castle is also opened and a ladder is marked on it. The exterior of the castle is also decorated with gold in the doors, between the windows, and on the guards. On the fifth level, the color of Clan turns gray-black like level 9 of Town Hall, and the guards in the corners of the roof also turn black.
At level 6, the color of Clan Castle remains gray-black, and the only place it changes color in the corners of the castle roof that turn golden.

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