FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

You contact clash-market.com via this page: Contact clash market.

You are in a good place to buy Clash of Clans accounts and you can buy clash, clan and royale accounts.

Yes. You can buy Coc accounts here.

You can see all the accounts on the Clash Market site. All Clash, clan and Royal accounts have a lifetime warranty and good and cheap prices. After you purchase an account, we will send you the information, which includes Gmail and the password on which the village is saved.
The Gmail and password that are provided to you will be provided to you forever, and through it, you can log in with the Supercell ID.

Clash Market has all the clan level for sale. After the purchase is done, you can refer to our support in the chat or WhatsApp section and come to the clan section with a personal account, and we will give you the leadership position.

There are many royale on the Clash Market site that contain all the levels, positions, and so on. After purchasing and paying for Royale accounts, Gmail and password will be sent to you, which is available to you forever, and in the future, you can log in with the same Gmail whenever you want.