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how much does it cost to upgrade barracks to level 13

how much does it cost to upgrade barracks to level 13

how much does it cost to upgrade barracks to level 13

How much does it cost to upgrade barracks to level 13?

You can educate your troops with Elixir if you have a barracks. After they have completed their training, these soldiers will be stationed at army camps. The ability to train additional soldiers is unlocked once the barracks are upgraded. At each specified level, a new Elixir troop can be unlocked. When the upgrade is taking place, that particular Barrack is inaccessible. If you decide to upgrade all of them at once, you will lose the ability to train any Elixir troops. The troop's training time is inversely proportional to the number of available Barracks. It may be calculated by dividing the troop's base training time (training time with one Barracks) by the number of available Barracks capable of training that troop, then rounding down any fractions of seconds.

Training Troops

After the soldiers in his unit have completed their training, he will relocate them to the army camps from the barracks. In addition, the Barracks let you queue up additional troops for deployment. The queue's capacity is equal to two times that of your Army Camp. All troops will receive training, but only the first 120 will be sent to the Army Camps for actual deployment. For instance, if you have 120 available dwelling spaces on your Army Camps but 240 available slots in your Barracks, you can queue 240 soldiers. This item is incredibly helpful because it enables you to train two armies simultaneously. When you launch an attack and use the troops from an army camp, any troops queued up for training in the barracks will immediately go to the army camps. This enables you to have two whole armies at your disposal, which is highly useful.
 When using Gems or the Training Potion, the rate at which troops are produced can be increased by 4. You can increase the troop production for 30 Gems, increasing the output of all Barracks and Dark Barracks. Using the Training Potion to boost your training will benefit your Dark Barracks, Spell Factory, Dark Spell Factory, Siege Machine Workshop, and Heroes' regeneration.


barracks level 13 upgrade cost

blew, you can see upgrade chart for all solders.
Canceling a troop order at Barracks will result in a full refund. It is still possible to dismiss the troop once they have moved to army camps. However, the dismissal will not result in a refund.

level 13 barracks upgrade time

The amount of time spent training the barracks is determined by the number of barracks that can train that particular troop. For instance, it takes a dozen minutes to train a Dragon. However, suppose all of your four barracks are available (not being upgraded) and can train the Dragon (depending on their level). In that case, the total time required to train the Dragon is cut in half, taking only three minutes to accomplish.

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