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How does the clan castle treasury work?

How does the clan castle Treasury work?

How does the clan castle treasury work?

The clan castle treasury is the safest place to protect your resource Clash of Clans. In this article, we will talk about this attractive feature in Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans:

Clash of Clans is a strategy video game developed and published by Supercell Company. 
Supercell is a Finnish company that produces mobile games. This company has produced many games so far. But Clash of Clans has been more helpful for it. This game has been welcomed by many gamers since 2011, so the number of players is increasing every year. It is interesting to know that nearly 30 million people are playing Clash of Clans. The game is valued at $ 5.5 billion. Supercell's daily revenue is $ 5 million. In this game, you take the leadership of a small village. There are four very important elements in this game: gold, elixir, black elixir, and diamond.
Today, different countries of the world pay special attention to the development of computer games. Computer games have become an industry and a lot of investments are being made in it. Various companies in the world are making attractive games. It is interesting to know that many movies today are made using computer games. This is especially true in Hollywood movies from 2015 onwards. The company has been trying to increase the number of players since 2010 by offering attractive updates. The addition of parameters and attractive sections to this game, caused the strategic thinking of players to increase significantly. One of the newest sections to be added to this strategy game is Treasury.

The clan castle treasury is a safe place to protect resources, which can serve as a safeguard for the scores of war you earn. As you know, you are gaining scores and resources in this game in different ways.  If you get attacked How can you protect your resources? In the treasury of level of clan and Town Hall, your main criterion.


Does clan games loot go to Treasury?

In general, the level of the clan castle does not have a direct effect on the clan castle treasury capacity. If an attacker can destroy your castle, only 3% of the loot stored in your treasury will be stolen. Of course, this destruction must be general. If only a small part of it is damaged, there will be no significant change in the treasury. You can see your saved loot by tapping the "Treasury" option.

The capacity of the clan castle treasury is generally determined by the level of the town hall and your clan.

What happens when your clan castle treasury is full?

One of the main questions is about the fullness of the treasury. If the treasury is full, the overflow resources will be lost. Also, if the reward is given and the treasury is full, the overflow resources will still be lost. You must collect resources to use them.

Does the looting of tribal games go to the treasury?

Usually selected prizes from Clan Games will be added to your treasury. Can you collect the treasury while the tribal castle is being upgraded? Upgrade your clan castle You can use Clan Castle without any problems during the upgrade. At this time you can also request the collection of resources from the Treasury. The storage capacity of the clan castle treasury.
What happens if the treasury of the tribe's castle is filled?

The clan castle treasury is a secure way to store resources. The reason professional players use this feature is that very little can be stolen. In general, only 3% of the resources inside clan Castle can be stolen,

Can you collect treasury while clan castle is upgrading?

You can increase your treasury capacity by upgrading Town Hall through Clan Perks. On the other hand, Clan War and Star Bonus loot are highly protected inside the treasury. In the update of version 8.116.2, the treasury feature has been added to this game. The Treasury capacity is determined by the level of the town hall.
You can take part in multiplayer battles and earn 5 stars through them. With this method, you can win the Loot Prize once every 24 hours. In addition, the reward for the looted star is stored in the clan castle treasury. Keep in mind that revenge attacks are part of the star's reward. You can take part in clan wars to fill the treasury quickly. This is a very convenient way. Of course, you should try to carry out your attack (s) in coordination with your clan. In this case, the probability of success will be much higher.

A few tips for Clash of Clans:

We recommend that you keep any loot in your treasury, especially when you have a small number of resources in your warehouse. This method restricts the access of attackers. Since a small number of resources can be stolen, you do not need to protect your tribal castle. The keyhole symbol with a red background appears at the top of Clan Castle when there is at least one type of source in the full treasury. Of course, if level 2 or higher is too full due to leaving a clan, the keyhole symbol will also appear. One of the important questions is whether higher Town Hall players can loot the treasury?
In general, the clan castle treasury is not subject to a looting penalty. Higher town hall players can only steal 3% of a player's treasure. Do not expect to be able to loot all the enemy base resources in all your attacks. In the attacks, pay attention to the dull colony of the enemy. In Clash of Clans, there are two types of bases to attack. The first category is Dead Bases. Dead bases are actually villages whose owners have not been online for a long time and whose mines are full. These bases will be a good attack target when you need to loot or collect elixirs and gold. In this case, you can use the Barch attack style.

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