Details of LVL12 5MAX CARDS


$ 35.5

⚫️ Level 12

⚫️ Gold 69374

⚫️ Gem 245

⚫️ Emotes 17

⚫️ Token 2-3-0-0

⚫️ Legendary 17

⚫️ Common 27

⚫️ Epic 27

⚫️ Rare 28

⚫️ Tower Skins 1

⚫️ Highest Trophy 5626

⚫️  Card Unlock 99/99

⚫️ Free change Name 500 Gem


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Arena / League


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Clash Royale is one of the most popular games in the form of duels and hand-to-hand combat. We are going to talk about the clash royale account for sale for you. If you also want to know more about this, we suggest that you stay with us until the end of the article. As we said before, this game is a solitary war game in which in a battlefield called Arena, two people have to compete with the strategy and powerful cards they have in hand, and whoever can win the top strategy and card, and Use more power in this battle, can win this war. Note that for battle, each person must choose eight cards, and each card actually sends a specific force to the ground, and each of these forces gives you different characteristics and powers so that you can use it against your opponent. The playground in Clash Royale consists of two parts, each part is dedicated to one person and each person has two princess towers and one king tower. Destroying the opposing king will give you three crowns, and destroying each of the princess towers will give you one crown. Anyone who has more than three crowns at the end of the game is the winner. After winning each stage of the game, you will get the box and from these boxes, different power cards will come out on you.  The more cards a force has, the more you can upgrade that force. Note that the boxes in this game are also different from each other.

The account that we are going to introduce to you today is one of our best accounts. This account is only 35.5 dollars, which is a very reasonable price; The level of this account is twelve and this account has sixty-nine thousand three hundred and seventy-four pieces of gold. Also, the number of gems in this game is two hundred and forty-five, which can be very effective for you. This account has ninety-nine unlock cards.  You also have to spend five hundred gems on this account to change your name. This account has five thousand two hundred and sixty-four cups in trophies and five thousand six hundred and twenty-four cups in best trophies, which can be a very suitable advantage for you. You can read the description section to get more information about this account.

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