Details of TH11 AQ32 KB30 GW7


TH11 AQ32 KB30 GW7

$ 37.5

⚫️iOS/Android Ready

⚫️Level 112

⚫️Town Hall 11

⚫️Barbarian King Level 30

⚫️Archer Queen Level 32

⚫️Grand Warden Level 7

⚫️Royal Champion Level 0

⚫️Gems 200

All Our Accounts Have a Lifetime Warranty.

Our Accounts Are Received From Reputable Sellers.

This Means That We Get Strong Evidence From The Main Sellers

That He Does Not Intend To Recover The Account

So You Can Safely Buy Your Desired Account And 

Enjoy It.

Linked to supercell : Yes

Linked to GoogleId : No

Free name change : No (1000 gems required)

Account Information


Town Hall Level


Builder Hall Level


Experience Level




War Stars






Best Trophies








The topic of discussion today is how to sell and buy clash of clans accounts. Clash of Clans is a multiplayer game that is played online and is in the style of strategy.  First, in this game you can take charge of a land that is more like a small farm and tribe, and you can use a variety of buildings to upgrade your village and expand it for defense and attack. Note that this village includes another plot of land called the construction site, which you usually travel by boat, and that part of your farm also expands. Note that in this game you have different types of heroes and powers that you can use to expand your farm and make it stronger.

At each stage, you will face various challenges that you must pass to strengthen your village and move to the higher levels of this game.  One of the solutions that you can easily and without any problems for yourself in this game is to buy different accounts from sites that work in this field.  Our site is also one of these sites that works in this field and tries to provide the best account with different features you want and you can find your desired account in the high variety of our account without any problems and that  Buy.


The account we want to introduce to you today costs only $ 42.6, which is a very low price.  One of the suitable features of this account is that it is ready for both iOS and Android, and you can install this game on any of the systems you want. This game is in level one hundred and twelve, which is a good and suitable level for you. Note that all the heroes of this game except the Royal Champion are in this game and the number of games in this game is two hundred, which can be very suitable for you. Note that this account is connected to Supercell but is not connected to Google, and unfortunately you have to spend a thousand diamonds to change your name.  League of This game is gold-league 3, which is a very suitable category for you. You can see other information about this account in the description section easily and without any problems.

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