Details of TH13 KB72 AQ75 GW50 RC20


TH13 KB72 AQ75 GW50 RC20

$ 189.6

⚫️iOS/Android Ready

⚫️Level 233

⚫️Town Hall 13

⚫️Barbarian King Level 72

⚫️Archer Queen Level 75

⚫️Grand Warden Level 50

⚫️Royal Champion Level 20

⚫️Gems 500

All our accounts have a lifetime warranty. Our accounts are received from reputable sellers. This means that we get strong evidence from the main sellers that he does not intend to recover the account   So you can safely buy your desired account and 

enjoy it.

Linked to supercell : Yes

Linked to GoogleId : No

Free name change : Yes

Account Information


Town Hall Level


Builder Hall Level


Experience Level




War Stars






Best Trophies








Clash of Clans is one of the most popular mobile games in the world and has over 100 million downloads on Google. So Clash of Clans account for sale is what you were looking for. Clash is actually a game in which you build a small village and then increase your defense power and you should protect your clan against enemy attacks. You need to train your forces and protect your account against attacks.

Buying the Clash of Clans account for sale is not easy and you have to pay attention to many factors such as:

  • Experience level and account level
  • Town Hall level
  • Town Hall and builder hall level
  • Soldiers level
  • King, Archer Queen, Warden and war machine level
  • Members of clan
  • buildings and accounts level

The higher the levels mentioned above, the more expensive the account will probably be. But at the same time, it is much better and stronger. The Clash of Clans account for sales that you have ordered from our store is safe and valid; you can sell it again on the site after reaching the higher levels. Selling a Clash account can be very difficult, which is why clash market sites came into being! Selling a Clash account through clash market sites reduces your potential risks. Some accounts have full mission points that take time to complete and also require a professional player to complete.

One thing that can be very tempting about selling a Clash of Clans account is the fact that some of these accounts actually have control over their large tribes, and so there is support and credibility in the structure of those tribal groups.

It has been a long time since the production of this game, and the players in it have reached high levels and strong forces, and you need to spend months or even years to reach high levels. This is where our site will help you.

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