Details of TH11 KB29 AQ33 GW11


TH11 KB29 AQ33 GW11

$ 28

⚫️iOS/Android Ready

⚫️Level 216

⚫️Town Hall 11

⚫️Barbarian King Level 29

⚫️Archer Queen Level 33

⚫️Grand Warden Level 11

⚫️Royal Champion Level 0

⚫️Gems 1708

All our accounts have a lifetime warranty. Our accounts are received from reputable sellers.

This means that we get strong evidence from the main sellers that he does not intend to recover the account  

So you can safely buy your desired account and 

enjoy it.

Linked to supercell : Yes

Linked to GoogleId : No

Free name change : Yes

Account Information


Town Hall Level


Builder Hall Level


Experience Level




War Stars






Best Trophies








Before buying, I recommend reading the following description carefully


When we talk about buying and selling Clash Royale accounts, it is clear that the buyer is not a patient person. Otherwise he would have started with a level 1 account so maybe after 2 years he could max his favourite deck; which is terribly tiring.

After many years of experience in this field we 
know the exact expectations of a buyer. You want to see the account on your device in the fastest time possible and make sure of securities as well. It’s a fact that no one should have access to your account except you and we are here to be your guide and make the process easy and trouble-free for you; which you really deserve.

How does the buying process from Clash Market work?

After payment, your payment will be checked and after confirming the payment, the account will be sent to you.


Your account may take 1 to 24 hours to process, but we will usually send in less than 1 hour.


We send the account to your email and in your dashboard so you can easily access your account

What is supercell ID?

You can login to your account using supercell ID system (like the picture below). This system won’t ask you for your Email password but after entering the Email address that we have provided, it will ask you for a 6 digit code which will be sent to the same Email address. After entering the code, the game will load on your device.

How to secure the Gmail Account?

Step 1: enter the Gmail address.

Step 2: Enter the password

Step 3: when you get to the 2-step verification, “more ways to verify” and then the “back up code” method. Enter one of the 8 digit backup codes and get into it.

At this point, you can already log into your account, but for completing the securing process you might have to wait a little while until our agent becomes online and guides you precisely through the rest of the process. Meanwhile; you can enjoy playing with your account. (To complete the security steps, you can send us a message in the chat site or in WhatsApp)

Step 4:

You should go to security settings and change the recovery phone first, and then change the 2-step verification settings and after all, change the password. Always keep the 2-step verification on and generate some backup codes to guarantee your account’s privacy.
after you changed the recovey phone and 2-step verification settings, you should change the password.
while changing each of the items mentioned, Google would probably be suspicious to your activity and ask you to verify your login through one of the trusted devices or phone numbers.
Some important tips about Gmail...
1-    There’s no need to sign our device out, because after you change the password, only your device will remain on the Email.
2-    It would take 7-10 days until Google trusts your device and phone number for changing the information again. However, if you want to change the info meanwhile, you can ask for our agent’s help.
3-    If you have set up the 2-step verification on your own phone number, and changed the recovery phone number as well, there is no way for anyone to enter Email via previous trusted phone numbers. So there is no need to worry about that.

Some important tips on avoiding getting banned...
1-    Account’s sharing: if you login to the game from two different locations in a short time (less than 24 hours) there is a possibility of supercell banning you
2-    If Supercell finds out you have bought an account, it will ban you. Therefor; don’t ever mention buying and selling accounts on your clan. Even if your friend asked if you have bought the account, don’t answer them so it doesn’t threaten your account.
3-    Don’t ever message supercell support, they’d be suspicious of your activity and They will lock your account.
4-    Don’t ever insult supercell or other players because if a player reports you, you might get banned.
5-    Never try to recover another account through the account you have bought from us to avoid misunderstanding with supercell.

Some facts on accounts getting recovered...
Nowadays there are many sellers on internet that offer you strong accounts with an unreasonably low price. No need to mention the fact these accounts will get recovered soon after the seller gets paid!
We buy almost all our accounts face to face from the original owners with private verification documents. They wouldn’t even think about recovering the account; because if they do, we would take actions via the information we have of them; that would cause 10 times more financial loss than the account’s actual price to them.
That’s why 99% of the sellers would never even think of recovering the account. The interesting fact is with our serious actions after the accounts getting recovered, many of scammers rather not sell accounts to us! And of course we are pleased to do business only with trustworthy sellers.
BUT, if for 0.01%
Anything happens with the recovering, we will always be at your service. This is how it works: first, we try to get your account from the one who has recovered it and give it back to you. If for any reason we don’t make it, we will provide you with another account closest to the one you had purchased and fix the problem with the recovered account in our own way with the seller :)
‌our prices might be higher than other sellers but we guarantee you the quality.
Professional interaction, high speed operation, experienced team and life time warranty is what distinguishes us from other sellers.
After doing business with us, you will have full access to Email and experience a different quality on a whole other level.

We wish you all the best 

Clash Market Team.




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