Details of TH13 KB75 AQ75 GW50 RC25


TH13 KB75 AQ75 GW50 RC25

$ 220

google play conect
fyll maxed
very safe

Linked to supercell : No

Linked to GoogleId : Yes

Free name change : Yes

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I am writing one of the recent updates of the Clash of Clans game, which was exciting for many users, which I am sure will be interesting for you.
Some time ago, update arrive for one of biggest and most successful mobile games for Android and iOS, Clash of Clans, and along with tons of new features it finally deliver something users have been asking about for over two years. You can now easily change your name or nickname in Clash of Clans, and below well explain how. SuperCell released a major update for Clash of Clans on Android and iPhone that is called Air Sweeper update. And while this is aimed at balancing gameplay, improving features, tweaking multiplayer and Clan Wars, it also brings features or options that have been sorely needed since the game launched more than two years ago. Prior to this update, users had to email the customer support line at SuperCell and hope they would receive a reply, then have valid reason to change their in-game name, process that often takes a long time only to end in you getting rejected by game developers. On first play it warns you that you cannot change your name, yet users make arguably dumb names and regret them later once theyre fully addicted to Clash of Clans, my Clan-mates include. Read on to see how easy it is to change it now. Update that arrived this morning deliver new Air Sweeper defensive unit that essentially blows air and slows down air attacks, likely all those people that attack with all balloons or minions. It doesnt do any damage, but will slow down those LavaLoon attacks youve probably experience. Air attacks are a little unfair and unbalanced lately, and that will be somewhat improved with this new unit. The full changelog can be seen here, and there are a lot of Clan War Army Preview and Matchmaking tweaks that youll want to check out. There are some important changes that should make multiplayer and Clan Wars much improve. That say, this is about changing your name to Clash, so let's get start. If SuperCell is gonna make update of Clan name change it should be available for current leaders not Clan founder nor co leaders. To understand what I am saying is if Clan is 3 years old and in the first year, the founder of Clan steps down, then he cannot change Clan's name. It is only available for current leaders and it is done only once.

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