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how to sell coc account and how to receive dollars

how to sell coc account

how to sell coc account and how to receive dollars

how to sell coc account?! Clash of Clans is one of the most popular computer games that has attracted a lot of people. The game, which is a product of Supercell, entered the market in 2013 and since then, has attracted a large number of game enthusiasts. Many foreign websites have the ability to buy and sell this game, but certainly earning dollars will be a better option.
Therefore, we recommend you, if you are one of those people who enjoy Clash of Clans, do not miss this article to sell coc account and earn several dollars. Buying and selling a Clash of Clans account is one of the most common transactions that take place in the field of buying Clash of Clans. It can be boldly announced that the sale coc accounts has also been highly welcomed by users. But do you know what the main story is? There are a number of points that we must pay attention to in these transactions, which are: intermediary, type of connection, telegram channel, collection history, tariff for ad registration plans, respectively. 

how do i sell my coc account:

how to sell coc account? Clash of Clans, the addictive game that until a few years ago was a warning to many parents to their children and young people, has now become one of the ways to earn money. You may be interested to know that selling a Clash of Clans account can even earn dollars for the seller. There are good buyers for the high-rolling accounts in this game who are willing to pay a considerable amount of money to have one of these accounts. In the meantime, some are both buyers and sellers of Klash accounts. In this way, the accounts of the lower stages are bought at a low price, and they are taken to the higher levels and sold at a higher price. Some increase their income significantly by spending more time. In this way, they have more than one account for sale by creating several accounts at the same time and upgrading them after a few months.


Of course, many also see sell coc account as a part-time job and play in times of unemployment. While they're having fun, they end up making money as a result of their entertainment. Of course, you should be careful not to find emotional attachment to your account that will make it difficult to sell. One of the most popular sites for selling Clash of Clans accounts is (although PlayerAuctions and Gamer to Gamer Marketplace are also good places to sell game accounts). You can also purchase a Clash of Clans account. The actions of the website are not just related to the Clash of Clans game and covers a wide range of games. Regarding the Clash of Clans game, various factors affect the price of the account. Town Hall, Builder Hall Level, Experience Level and Hero Level include game account specifications that affect the price of the game at the time of sale.

how to sell coc account online:

Some people ask how to sell coc account and why sell coc account is free. Let me give you an example: Suppose you enter a chain store and you are confronted with the scene that all the shelves are empty and only some of the goods are available. For this reason, in order to keep the store complete, we provided the possibility to have a product for all customers!
The price of a sell coc account is determined according to these different features. For example, an account might have 186 Champions League titles. Town Hall is completely different from the others. In this game, there may be Bilder hall 8, King Berber Max, Archer Quinn, Grand Warden, Royal Champion and war machine. Buying and selling a coc account, which has this type of staff, will be somewhat expensive. Those who want to buy must buy a game that has a hero, town hall and higher levels. Why should you trust the Klash buying and selling site? Before launching any Clash of Clans account buying and selling site, all the information of the owner of these websites will be received to allow them to operate on the Internet. This is only available on Internet sites, which is why website owners are cautious.

how to sell coc account without gmail:

Sell Clash of Clans account through
1- Login to the website
By referring to the Clash of Clans game page on this website, you will see the details of the accounts that intend to sell their account. To use the website services and Sell coc account, you must register in it. If you click on the "sell" option in the right corner of the image, you will be taken to the account opening page.
2- Account opening
For sell coc account, If you already have an account on this site, you can enter your information. Otherwise, click on the "Register a new account" option.
3- Inserting specifications
In the form that opens for you, choose your email, password and country. Check the two options 'Terms & Conditions' and 'Privacy Policy' and finally click on the 'Create Your Account' option.
4- Email confirmation
By clicking on the "Send E-mail Verification Code'' option, an account confirmation email will be sent to you. Enter the code received via email on the site.
5- Game selection
Enter the list of games from the 'sell coc account' menu. And select the game of clash of clans. In the 'Region / Server' section, select whether you want to continue with the Google Play specification or with the Supercell ID. Then click on "Next" or "Manual Sell".
6- Clash of Clans account details
In this step of sell coc account, such as filling out an ad, in addition to the account details, you must enter a title and description about the account.
7- Clash of Clans account offer price
Upload photos of the game environment and mention the necessary details about the sale in the 'Detail' section. In the 'Price' section, enter your bid price. Try to place an attractive advertisement on the site.
8- Place your ad on the site
In the last step, click on the "Submit" option to place your ad on the site.

How to receive money from the sell coc account? is it legal to sell coc account?

Is selling clash of clans account legal? Yes. Receipt of money from the sale coc account will be credited to your PayPal account. PayPal is an international payment system that allows you to transfer funds around the world. You can not worry about receiving your money by opening a PayPal account. First Payment has provided these services to its customers. You can receive money from the sale of your account in Rials in Iran by using the PayPal cash withdrawal service.

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