Clash Market is a place to select Clash Royale accounts for sale

buy and sell clash royale accounts

Clash Market is a place to select Clash Royale accounts for sale

Cheap Clash Royale account for sale in safe and valid marketplace website


Clash Royale, an addictive game that many parents used to warn their children and teens about a few years ago, is now a way to make money. You may be interested to know that a Clash Royale account for sale can generate very good revenue for the seller. All over the world, there are many customers for high-rolling accounts of this game who are willing to pay significant money to have one of these accounts. In the meantime, some are both buyers and sellers of Clash Royale accounts. In this way, the accounts of the lower stages are bought at a low price, and they are brought to the high pipes and sold at a higher price. Some increase their income by spending more time; By creating multiple accounts all the time and upgrading them after a few months, they have more than one account for sale, although many view this as a part-time job and play in times of unemployment and while having fun, in They make good money. Of course, you should be careful not to find emotional attachment to your account; Because you will have problems when selling your Clash Royale account.


Buy Clash Royale account online


Clash Royale was immediately welcomed by Supercell after its presentation. Convenient user interface and attractive story have made this game increasingly popular. Since the introduction of this game, many users have intended to transfer or select Clash Royale accounts for sale th12 . In this article, we tried to address a number of buyer issues.


Perhaps none of the users at the beginning of the game thought that maybe they intend to sell their Royal to continue to play by buying a stronger Clash Royale. In short, these people did not have the idea of ​​buying a Clash Royale account in their minds.


The important point is that in general, the act of buying a Clash Royale account or selling Clash Royale by Supercell is not official and may even cause your account to be blocked. However, if this is done by licensed sites and as standard, it will not endanger your account.


Observe standards before seeing Clash Royale accounts for sale


buy clash royale accounts card


By entering the game for fun, users will start updating various game items and spend gold and gem, and after a long time they decide to sell their Royal account, they will realize their mistakes. Because of the daily expansion of the game, many accounts are sold and your account should be worth buying.


Unreasonable updating of all Clash Royale cards, wasting elixirs, etc. are among the wrong things that will waste your time and money.


In the following, it introduces important items that you should not neglect if you are playing, and if you are going to buy a Royale account, you should pay attention to them.


Arrows Cards: These Clash Royale account cards are in the magic category and their price is only 3 elixirs, which in addition to being cheaper, also have higher power compared to other cards. So always update them because they will have a great impact on the purchase price of your Clash Royale account.


Fireball Cards: This magic card is also very useful and one of its main uses is to destroy enemy towers in damaged situations.


Valkyrie Cards: These cards destroy almost any card except the tanks, so in Royal Deals, their importance goes back to the user, to what extent they play a pivotal role in his strategy.


Other important cards are: Skeletons, Barbarians, Hog Rider, Freeze, Zap, Graveyard, Elite Barbarians, Mega Minion, Electro Wizard, Princess.


Important points before buy Clash Royale accounts


The important point in updating the cards is to keep both Splash Damage and Point Damage up to date and strong, and know that this issue is important in buying and selling Royal.


If you are going to buy Clash Royale, pay attention to the fact that the story of Arena in Clash Royale is different from Clash of Clans accounts, and being in a higher arena means boxes with better prizes. Therefore, do not buy an account with a lower arena, thinking that it will be easier to face competitors, while an account with a higher arena has more credit and a higher price in the Clash Market for buy Clash Royale accounts.


Another effective point in buying a Royal account is the history of changing the name of Royal. Due to the fact that Supercell has set a limit for changing the name of Clash Royale accounts, so if you have reached this limit, the price of your Clash Royale will drop because the buyer will have to continue playing with your name.


Buy Clash Royale Account Tips


If you are going to buy Clash Royale account, make sure that your website has the necessary permissions and first ask them to explain the activation steps to you in a clear way. Using intermediary sites that are not licensed and have sold various accounts at low prices or offer to buy your account at the highest possible price may be tempting but certainly not reliable.

If for any reason you lose your Clash Royale account, go to the Help and Support section of the game and then the I lost my account option. How do I get it back? You can recover your account.


Do not forget that after performing the Clash Royale account purchase operation, it is possible for any of the parties to the transaction to change the password, so change the Gmail and remove the synced devices with the game.

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