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clash royale famous cards

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clash royale famous cards


When is Executioner card use in Clash Royale?


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The Executioner card is unlocked from the Spooky Town (Arena 12). He is an area damage, long-ranged troop with moderately high hit points and moderate single hit damage. He throws his axe in a straight line; it will then fly back to him, dealing its damage twice. An Executioner card costs 5 Elixir to deploy.

The Executioner's long-range, ability to hit air, and area damage makes him an alternative for a Witch or Wizard in a beatdown deck.

Although his initiation range is 4.5 tiles, his axe will actually travel 6.5 tiles, and the axe itself has a 1 tile radius so the Executioner can technically reach up to 7.5 tiles. Separate your troops and never deploy them directly in front of your Crown Tower to avoid it taking a sneaky 300 damage swing.

His hit speed comes in two parts; 0.9 seconds to throw his axe and 1.5 seconds for his axe to return. This adds up to an overall 2.4-second hit speed.

Rage and slowing effects will only affect how long it takes him to throw his axe and will not apply to the axe once in motion, even if frozen. Therefore, hit speed changes barely make a difference. Even when he's pulled backwards by the Tornado, the axe will still take 1.5 seconds to return.



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Due to being spell resistant and having decent damage per swing, the Executioner is great against low to medium health troops.

There is a very strong synergy between the Executioner and Tornado. The Tornado pulls enemies into position and the Executioner splashes them all. This combination is capable of destroying support troops behind a tank while stalling the tank in a place away from your Crown Tower.

The Executioner is also an excellent counter to swarms of all kinds, capable of defeating most low-cost units with one throw of his axe. However, he has a slow hit speed (2.4 seconds) so he may be overwhelmed by Barbarians if he is surrounded.

The Executioner has somewhat low damage per second, so mini tanks such as the Mini P.E.K.K.A., Valkyrie or Knight can counter him.

Since the Executioner has a linear attack similar to the Bowler, he can attack support units that are behind a tank.

Like the Bowler, when the Executioner hits a Tombstone, he will not only destroy the Tombstone but will also take out the spawned Skeletons immediately.

Like most splash units, surrounding the Executioner with swarm cards will overwhelm the Executioner since his attack is directional.

The range of the Executioner's axe lets him not only damage a tank like the Giant, but also being able to hit support troops behind the tank like the Hunter if the Executioner is placed properly.

When the Goblins of a Goblin Barrel surround a Princess Tower, place the Executioner behind the center of the Tower. This causes him to target the Goblin at the back of the Tower which is aligned to the center, allowing him to damage all three Goblins at once.



How can we use Fire Spirits card in Clash Royale?


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The Fire Spirits' area damage is very useful against swarms of weak, small troops like Goblins, Spear Goblins, Minions, Minion Horde, Barbarians, and Guards. However, due to their low health, placing them next to these units will cause them to be defeated before they can attack. Placing the Fire Spirits at a distance will allow them to finish their deploy time safely.

Due to the Barbarians' staggered deployment time and spread formation, it is generally best to place the Fire Spirits to the side of the Barbarians, pulling them together and allowing for more area damage value.

If they are quickly placed directly behind the Princess Tower, the Fire Spirits can be used to completely counter a Goblin Barrel. This is risky however, as the opponent can react and destroy them instantly if they have a Zap, so be mindful of when they can support their Goblin Barrel with it.

If timed correctly, a Fire Spirit can damage all of the Lava Pups just as they explode from the Lava Hound.

Due to this splash, it is effective to pair them with troops that deal high single hit damage but are easily stopped by the small troops mentioned, such as Mini P.E.K.K.A. and Prince.

A good card to pair the Fire Spirits with is Zap, as this combo can take out all the units that a Fireball + Zap combo can at a lower Elixir cost, though with a higher risk. A less risky alternative is an Ice Golem + Fire Spirits combination, since it is easier to pull off.

Two Fire Spirits will connect to a Princess Tower provided they are equivalently leveled, dealing around the same tower damage as a Lightning. Although they can easily be stopped, their cheap cost often lures out cheap spells and can cause opponents to overcommit Elixir-wise with their defenders.

Fire Spirits can complement pushes effectively due to their good cost to damage ratio and fast move speed. For example, if the player is pushing with a P.E.K.K.A. with Fire Spirits behind and the opponent drops Minions to counter, the Fire Spirits quickly make short work of them, allowing the P.E.K.K.A. to continue towards the tower.

They are most effective with fast moving troops like the Hog Rider, as they will not collide with each other as much during an attack.

A Hog Rider and Fire Spirits combo can make short work of Cannons, and combining this with Zap can take out defending Barbarians.

With the help of a Princess Tower, a lone Wizard can be countered with well-timed Fire Spirits by surrounding it, causing only two of the three Fire Spirits to be hit while deploying, letting the last one jump onto him and prevent the Princess Tower from taking damage.

The player can use units to soak them up. For example, the Skeletons result in a positive Elixir trade but in order for this to work the player will have to put them on top of the Fire Spirits.

This also works with the Ice Spirit but it is recommended to let the Ice Spirit take out the Fire Spirits rather than using it to soak them up.

Pulling will only cause 1 or 2 to agro. When attempting to play a card to absorb Fire Spirits, do not play the card in front of the Crown Tower. Doing so will allow the Fire Spirits to splash both the tower and the distraction unit.



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