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What does the clan castle do?

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What does the clan castle do?

Clash of clans "Clan Castle" is used for many things and is very important because the game is called Clash of Clans. The clan castle is used to join a clan, have clan castle troops, have treasury loot and have magic items.

Now, if you get a clan castle and join a clan, there are many benefits to it:


  • A Clan Castle is needed for creating or joining a Clan.
  • Clan Castle is used to store treasury, troops and Magic items that you receive from others players.
  • After joining a clan, you can request for troops from others players of your clan.
  • The capacity of troops and storage can be increased by upgrading your Clan Castle.
  • Clan Castle reinforcements during battle, and any troops housed inside the Clan Castle can defend the player's village whenever he/she is offline.
  • The troops added into the Clan Castle will defend your village in all Legend League defenses until you decide to change them.
  • Only troops donated to you by your Clan mates can defend your village against attack. You first need to create or join a clan, and then request troops.
  • If any units repel the attack and survive the siege, they will return to the Clan Castle and they will also regain full health.
  • A Clan Castle, it houses troops which can either be placed as reinforcements during an attack, or used as defenders when the player's base is under attack.


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Players begin the game with a ruined Clan Castle.

While it is in ruins, it is surrounded by plants and stones and cannot be moved. Rebuilding a Clan Castle requires a Builder, but its reconstruction happens instantly. Once it is rebuilt, players are able to create a Clan or join an existing one. The Clan Castle can also be moved once it is rebuilt.


Once players join a Clan, they have the ability to "Request" once every 20 minutes (or faster if they bypass this wait time by using Gems). Also, players can add a message to tell other players what troops they would like, and can even enforce specific requests to only allow other players to donate what's requested. Other Clan members will see the request in the Clan Chat and can donate a certain number of troops, spells or siege machines to the Clan Castle.



-Starting at level 4, players can request for one housing space's worth of Spells from their clanmates; level 7 Clan Castles or higher allows them to hold two housing space worth of spells.

-Starting at level 6, players can request for Siege Machines from their clanmates.

-If the troops/spells are depleted before the Wait Time ends, the time remaining is displayed on top of the clan castle.

-There is currently a glitch whereby the time remaining is not displayed if the only thing missing is the siege machine.


-Players can choose to toggle the defence status of defending Clan Castle troops, to either guard mode or sleep mode. In guard mode, troops housed inside will defend the player's village from attacks, whilst in sleep mode, troops housed inside will not do so. The latter mode can be useful to save Clan Castle troops for attacking, especially in Clan Wars.


-In Clans that are level 7 or below, players can only donate 1 spell to each request; in clans that are level 8 or above, players can donate 2 spells to the same request.


-The Clan Castle is home to the Treasury, which receives loot earned from Star Bonuses, Clan Wars and Clan Games. This replaces the previous War Loot storage space, and is not dependent on the actual level of the Clan Castle itself.


-When the Clan Castle is selected, the activation radius can be seen like the range of a defence. It is the only building that demonstrates this behaviour.


-If the Clan Castle is destroyed when defending, any troops remaining inside will not be able to deploy for the battle. They are perfectly safe, however, and can be used subsequently in attack or defence as usual.


Although the Clan Castle is a very useful building for defensive purposes, it is not considered as a defensive building. Keep this in mind if your base would be attacked by strategies including defence targeting troops.


Defensive units that survive an attack, regardless of their health level, will return to the Clan Castle at full health. This is in contrast to when these Clan Castle troops are deployed offensively; they are expended if deployed in an attack.


-If a unit that splits into sub troops upon death (like a Golem or Lava Hound) does die and split into sub troops, this does not count as surviving the attack, even if their sub troops survive the attack, and so they will not return to the Clan Castle.


-If a base gets attacked by air units, only the troops that can attack air units will come and defend. All other troops will stay inside the Clan Castle until ground units are deployed.


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Deployment Order in a Clan Castle

When multiple troops are stationed in a Clan Castle, they are deployed in a predetermined order using three criteria.

The first criteria is housing space; troops with lower housing space will leave the Clan Castle before troops with higher housing space. For example, a Balloon will always leave the Clan Castle before a Dragon .

Between troops with the same housing space, the deployment order is determined by an internal ID. This ID creates a seemingly arbitrary choice of a deployment order, but generally, troops that have been added to the game earlier deploy before troops added to the game later. The below list shows all deployment orders between troops with the same housing space:

  • 1 housing space: Barbarian > Archer > Goblin
  • 2 housing space: Wall Breaker > Minion
  • 5 housing space: Giant > Balloon > Hog Rider > Super Barbarian
  • 6 housing space: Bowler > Miner > Headhunter
  • 8 housing space: Valkyrie > Super Wall Breaker
  • 10 housing space: Baby Dragon > Super Giant
  • 12 housing space: Witch > Super Archer
  • 15 housing space: Ice Golem > Inferno Dragon
  • 30 housing space: Golem > Lava Hound > Electro Dragon


-For troops of the same type, they leave from lowest to highest level, so a level 2 Archer always deploys before a level 4 one.


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The Clan Castle upgrade differences


The Clan Castle undergoes significant visual changes when it is initially repaired (level 1), and when it is upgraded to level 2, 5, 8, and 9. Much of the detail of the top of the Clan Castle is obscured by your Clan Symbol once you create or join a Clan. However, one can put the castle into sleep mode and thus hiding the clan symbol.


When you initially "rebuild" it to level 1, it appears as a square stone structure with sloped sides. It is adorned with a single-window, two grey metal doors and a wooden roof.


Clan level 2, a battlemented platform is added to the wooden roof of the Clan Castle, resembling that of a level 8 Town Hall. A second window appears as well.


Clan level 3, four corners of the Clan Castle receive wooden supports, and shields are added to each corner of the battlemented platform. the small mat sized paths right next to the doors change to steel as well.


Clan level 4, the wooden supports are replaced with stone supports. The wooden roof is opened, revealing a ladder leading down inside the castle itself.


Clan level 5, the Clan Castle is painted the same as the level 9 Town Hall. The walls become vertical and the doors receive stone trim. The ladder is now changed to grey steps, and black shields are added to the corners of the Castle.


Clan level 6, the Clan Castle still has the same grey-black colouring, however, the shields are changed to gold, the roof is completely enclosed, and the doors gain yellow stripes. The roof is now fully closed once again.


Clan level 7, the Clan Castle retains its grey-black colouring, but its doors are much larger, plated with three golden stripes, with the keyhole on the middle stripe. The shields on the corners are changed, being gold with grey borders, and they are further reinforced with a golden stripe.


Clan level 8, the Clan Castle takes on a new blue-grey color scheme. The giant gold-plated doors are replaced with giant grey doors with dark grey edges, with a golden keyhole in the middle.


Clan level 9, the clan castle takes on a ice blue-black color scheme. The spikes are gone and the shield color is black with a grey outline. The yellow attachments turn to a icy blue slab connecting the shields to the roof. The battlements are now thicker and sloped down.


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