How to make a new Clash of Clans account 2020 Step by Step guide

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How to make a new Clash of Clans account 2020 Step by Step guide


Clash of Clans developed by SuperCell studio is one of the hottest titles in the mobile gaming world. No wonder that a crowd of players saw their opportunity in the game, and began playing for real. While Clash of Clans is free to play, but Supercell do offer the option to purchase in-game currency (Gems) for real money. today I'll be telling you how to make a new account on clash of clans. It's really easy once you get the hang of it, and you can make as much accounts as you want, as long as you have more than one Gmail account.


Make the first Clash of Clans account 2020 - Step by Step

There is not much to it. Basically, every app is designed in a way so all people can manage to download it, install it, sign in, and open the first account. As soon as the game is downloaded from App Store or Google Play and installed on your device, it will guide you through the whole process of selecting a name, connecting to Facebook, Google+, Game Center, SuperCell ID, and whatever else it needs. It's the easy part. Then it's just the tutorial, and you're good to go.

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Step 1:  Complete the tutorial

When you start a new game of Clash of Clans, you start with a Town Hall, Gold Mine, Army Camp, and Builder's Hut. The game has a tutorial that teaches you the basics of how to build your base, attack other bases, train troops, and get new resources. Read the on-screen instructions and tap the icons that have an arrow pointing to them to complete the tutorial.

  • When you are finished with the tutorial, you will have new cannon, elixir collector, elixir storage, builder's hut, and barracks with trained troops.
  • Try to keep your town hall in the center of your town to keep it more secure.
  • The tutorial will offer you some basic information to get started.



Step 1-1: Open the Shop

The Shop is the icon with gold and a hammer in the lower-right corner. This is where you purchase new buildings for your town. Some items can be purchased with gold or elixir, while others require gems to purchase. Some require experience or a leveled up town hall to purchase. Use the following steps to navigate the shop:

  • Buildings and Traps: This section is under the tab that has an icon that resembles a saw and hammer.


  • Decorations: The Decorations tab has an icon that resembles a sword in a stone.


  • Treasures: This is the tab that has an icon that resembles an elixir bulb, gem, and stack of gold.


  • Shield: This is the tab that has an icon that resembles a shield with arrows sticking out of it.


  • League shop: This has a tab with a league metal on it.


Step 1-2: Purchase walls for defense

Since you have limited resources at first, place the walls around the most important buildings only, such as the town hall, gold storage(s) and elixir storage(s). Place the builder's huts and army buildings outside the perimeter of the wall.


  • To purchase items from the shop, open the shop and then tap the item you want to purchase. Tap where you want to place it on the map.
  • To move buildings and items on your map, tap the object you want to move. Then tap and drag it to a new location.

Step 1-3: Spend your gold, elixir, and gems

  • Use your gems to build builder's huts. It is tempting to use them all right away, but you will need your gems later.
  • In the tutorial, you are given 5 wizards to destroy the base. Only two wizards are needed to defeat the 1st goblin base.
  • Don't upgrade the second gold or elixir storage at first.


Step 1-4: Use real money to get ahead in the game

  • There are other ways of getting gems than spending money. So if you don't want to spend your money, don't worry. You can get gems when you remove trees and obstacles from the area around your base.

Make a new Clash of Clans account by pictures

1st Step: Clash of clans Terms of service

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2nd Step: Show your clash of clans village 

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3rd Step: You'll see the Clash of clans enemy

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4th Step: Set up a cannon on your Clash of clans account

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5th Step: You'll see the Clash of clans building & traps 

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6th Step: View your cannon defense against the Clash of clans enemies

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7th Step: Do the first attack on the new Clash of clans account

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8th Step: View and perform the first real attack on others' Clash of clans account

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9th Step: You won this Clash of clans attack and received 500 elixirs and 500 coins  

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10th Step: Press "Return Home" button - View the Clash of clans village

To Be Continued ... 





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